Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Part 3 : Thanks to Blog Tutorial

As I wrote in my previous article, I categorized blogging activity in two sections: blog customization setting and blog content construction. Due to my lack ness in HTML codes (basic code in blog setting), I experience many difficulties. Then ….
This obstacle then disappeared slowly because there has been various article provided by generous author of blog tutorial. They deserve many thanks. I hope one day my blog setting will resemble theirs.
Despite the incompleteness of the feature in my blog, I encourage my self to write the article.

It is the step that I have gone through on the way to create the blog. Hopefully it can be the simple guide in creating the blog.
The steps are as follows:
  1. There are two different provider I know so far where we can create new blog : word press and blogspot. We can chooses one or even we can create in both provider
  2. By visiting these sites, they will guide us automatically in creating one. By just clicking in every step, we will have our own blog.
  3. As the new blog is just provided with default setting, we can customize it according to our appetite. Comprehension of HTML code will make customization easier.
  4. Content development. It is about the filling of our blog. It can be short and long article of various topic, poem, picture and etc.
If you scroll the mouse on the upper part of this blog you will get the sentence “ world is limitless, word is countless, better … I mean this as my fundamental in blogging activity.
Remember, you do not need to wait your blog display complete before you begin filling it. It can be done step by step. By being diligent in visiting other blog, we can compare it to our blog. Moreover, blogging tutorial is provided.

In summary, let us shift from more reading activity to more writing.

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