Monday, September 22, 2008

ME and my kampong profile; Bau-bau Buton

There is an Indonesian proverb Tak kenal maka tak sayang which means Love will come only if I am not a stranger to you . So the better preface would be self introduction.

My coworker calls me Oka, but my friends in my neighborhood call me Tamin. Both are ok for me. I was born in Bau-bau Buton, one separated island in south east Sulawesi. I am the third in the family of six. My father was a civil servant but he has been retired since one and half year ago.

I spend my childhood in my kampong called Kaobula, from elementary school until senior high school. Before I move to Makassar for continuing my study, I had the chance to study in one univ

ersity in Kendari, the capital of south east sulawesi province. It just lasted for one year. Then it came the time to compete with other registrant in one governmental school in Jakarta. But I was in Jakarta for about half year before the final result force me went home.

Now I work in one private company in Makassar, the capital of South Sulawesi. This company has many branches located mostly in eastern part of Indonesian. Luckily I am posted in Head Office. My job is related with the evaluation of company performance in the term of financial and compliance of operating procedure standard.

Well that is a brief self introduction. To complete it, I will also describe of my kampong uniqueness in term of history and tourism resort in the........ N E X T A R T I C L E

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