Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Planning ... Prepare In advance

If you are in this program how do you think your life will be different in five years?

I believe I will assume a greater responsibility by holding manager position of one division based on the world class knowledge and skill I would have learned. I also believe that the company will also assign me as an instructor at the internal management centre.

Even I am not assigned a manager, I will implement what I have learned by introducing and practicing the established theory and practice I have studied to my coworker and my surrounding in the terms of working practice and behavior for the best performance. It is because I believe that the better the performance of the company, the better the welfare of the whole employees.

Hopefully there is a local private institute specialized in business management and administration field of study and English Course that offer a chance for being a part-time instructor. Such an activity will also be a motivator to keep studying.

The important thing is that I will continue contributing my abilities.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

OKA.... L@tamin ... Laamy... L@kumbi ... Mustamin Oka

Name... it is one property we inherit from our parents

An eternal one. We can not separate it

Problem Solving and communication

Describe one situation from your school, work or personal life when you faced a challenge or a problem. How did you resolve it?

When I was absent for being sick, my bill is unsealed by my coworker without my permission. This really bothers me. I have a bad mood and it ruined my concentration. I thought that confidential statement written in the envelope does not mean any thing. The same occurrence can happen to other aspect of personal affair. How something that I thought a private matter could be offended. Will they accept the same thing that happened to them? Moreover, I never do such a thing.

To prevent the same thing recur I approached and told him straightforward that he has gone beyond his right. Since then there has been no offensive of personal privacy. I believe that the straightforward communication can be a way for having mutual understanding. It enables other knowing and comprehending our point of view toward one matter. In addition, the agreement we set has maintained the friendship and created conducive working environment.

Monday, May 25, 2009

~ Lele minaii sabangka ~


Kobaanua mincuana giyu mamuudaa. A baaariimpu momembalina yiposaalamaanaka. Koeengati Laandi Waandi.

Boolioseaakea kasodoona karoomu. Bokeeaa bivimu mina yipogaau kalaangana yinca. Booli paraangoakea pogau pekapiina yincaa.

Laandi .. pekagaria yincamu. Fiikiriakea porikanaa yiboaasakamu. Bolii usaala boaasaka.

Laandi … maasiakea miyarangamu. Pomaa-maasiaka a membaali bentena karoo. Goraamiyu a membelai kanturuna daalamiiyu.

Laandi … yakuusii kurango te kukamatea karoku. Daangia mangaa aaana-aaana mo membalina mia malape. Saangu mo paaembaliaa… goraana mancuana, kaasiina mancuana, kasabaranaa mancuanaa.

Maasiakea miarangamu.. mangaaana-anaamu aaala kaadari minaayikadangiamiyu.. mina yipoomaa-maasiakana manga mancuananakarona

Sunday, May 24, 2009

SUPER JET .... Bau2-Raha-Kendari

On ship (superjet) trip...... Half day on the ocean before you totally land

I think this is the reason the ship is called Superjet. .......

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Hallo... Do I know You?

MAROS PLANT .... Keep On fighting...

How Are we guys?? It is true that patience is a powerful remedy for one bad treatment. It must not stop there. There must be further action ; that is keep on fighting till the end.Through this, we will be in the friction. But should it be a matter? No, The outcome will not be for them. It is us who will taste the fighting

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Blue feeling

I am awake in the lonely midnight
No body here..
This is painful

It is hard to close eyes
In the night whom no body to share
Voices in my head keep me awake

Remembering you is a remedy
You my darling in the far island

To night
I pray for us
For happiness in our true love
We will always be together

Kaadarina mancuana kampo

Auunde mpu yincaku kurango kadarina mancuana
Tula-tula to kalapena karo
Manga mancuana a penamimea kameko te kapaina dadii
Allamu a membali bokuna
Ingkita dadi mangura
Mai tamaisiaa manga mancuanata
Mai tarango tula-tula
Mai taaala kadari malape sii

TANJUNG BIRA BULUKUMBA .....Hahahahahaa.....

See me enjoying Borneos part

Always ....

Me & Mala 2

One day In friend`s Inn

Me & Mala : 1


Monday, May 4, 2009

One day in my uncle`s kampong

Skill is not an easy thing to get. We have to practice in order to be accustomed. one of the tools usually applied is simulation. pretend that you are in the real situation.



This picture complement the story I have written earlier.. It is pleasant memory be there, personally and officially.


Friday, May 1, 2009

Yinaku te aamaku maoge mpu kaasina teiyaku... gora agora kapooli to kalapena karoku,to kalapena lipu.

SOPPENG .... Profesionalism and Friend

The picture is the situation of meeting in Soppeng Branch Office. As for me they are excellent employer. There is Mr.Syam as the head, Mr. Kahar in Spare part division, Miss Tini in Accounting department,Mr.Basir in the service section, Mr. Sukri in Leasing Division. There are also others whom are not in the pic. Chimang in the marketing and Mr. Mechanic.
Head office person are Iqbal and Faisal. What is professional meaning for you?