Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Planning ... Prepare In advance

If you are in this program how do you think your life will be different in five years?

I believe I will assume a greater responsibility by holding manager position of one division based on the world class knowledge and skill I would have learned. I also believe that the company will also assign me as an instructor at the internal management centre.

Even I am not assigned a manager, I will implement what I have learned by introducing and practicing the established theory and practice I have studied to my coworker and my surrounding in the terms of working practice and behavior for the best performance. It is because I believe that the better the performance of the company, the better the welfare of the whole employees.

Hopefully there is a local private institute specialized in business management and administration field of study and English Course that offer a chance for being a part-time instructor. Such an activity will also be a motivator to keep studying.

The important thing is that I will continue contributing my abilities.

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