Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Problem Solving and communication

Describe one situation from your school, work or personal life when you faced a challenge or a problem. How did you resolve it?

When I was absent for being sick, my bill is unsealed by my coworker without my permission. This really bothers me. I have a bad mood and it ruined my concentration. I thought that confidential statement written in the envelope does not mean any thing. The same occurrence can happen to other aspect of personal affair. How something that I thought a private matter could be offended. Will they accept the same thing that happened to them? Moreover, I never do such a thing.

To prevent the same thing recur I approached and told him straightforward that he has gone beyond his right. Since then there has been no offensive of personal privacy. I believe that the straightforward communication can be a way for having mutual understanding. It enables other knowing and comprehending our point of view toward one matter. In addition, the agreement we set has maintained the friendship and created conducive working environment.

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