Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Selalu ada tempat yang lebih baik

Situasi Internal and external mengharuskan perubahan di zaman ini. Lagi pula dia pun mulai tidak menyukai kondisi ini dan hampir-hampir telah akan membecinya.

Dia tidak suka menyebut perubahan ini mimpi, namun lebih memilih tuk menyebutnya harapan untuk Self Improvement through external recognition. Dibanding mimpi, harapan baginya lebih bersifat dinamis, yang mendorong setiap orang bergerak mencapainya.

Setelah membuka kembali catatan yang telah lewat dan dengan memprediksi situasi yang akan terjadi, maka dengan tanpa mengambil langkah strategis sekarang ini, nothing will change much dan itu berarti less hope for better condition.

Perubahan tanpa disertai upaya mungkin itu disebut keajaiban. Lalu Perubahan strategis apa yang mesti dilakukan: variasikan langkah… pijakan satu kakimu secara kokoh dan disaat bersamaan biarkan kaki yang satu mengeksplorasi kemungkinan lainnya, bermain dengan lebih sabar namun konsisten .

Jadi perubahan dan perencanaan langkah perubahan menjadi sesuatu yang mutlak.

Here, out of here or every where … selalu ada tempat yang lebih baik untuk orang yang mau berubah .

Monday, June 22, 2009


Due to bad setting of this blog.. I will move to new address
For me I am still not satisfied by its setting. If I were a master code then I will not move.. I will stay here..

See you there

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Buton in traditional view

Traditional event in modern live... It is like tracing the old era when we were not born yet.

We, a new generation, are lucky in the way that we can observe it. festival held nationally is a national agenda for this country.

Jump as high as you can but we must realized that old values is a valuable thing. it must be kept in our mind, that is our true identity. (lembokana raaku)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Nirwana Beach

Enjoying beach ... and document it for eternal memory

Let us swim,dive or what ever activity you can do in the beach.

playing with the white sand ..... believe or not salt water is a remedy. It has been used traditionally and the benefit is realized

Which Oka? name? My old friend who came here in the office will not know this. In the childhood, it is taboo using family name as

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Bulukumba..... Set the goal

Official business in unofficial site

Why sholud be You ?

Why would you be a good representative of your country? What would like to share about your culture?

Second option

Indonesian is an archipelago. It consists of small and big islands. On the way to the office we must visit on office assignment, we transited in different area. I witnessed that each area has uniqueness in term of local language, address style and so on. This in turn creates the richness of Indonesian culture.
Despite this diversity, one thing for sure is that Indonesian language becomes a medium of instruction. It helps people from different tribe with different language through Indonesia to interact well.

Thursday, June 4, 2009


It is a habit training. Who should be here?

It is a classroom learning. We have seen many clever man theoretically but there is always bad and sad thing.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Why should Be you ?

Why would you be a good representative of your country? What would like to share about your culture?

First option
This company is a multi-business one. Its branches locate mostly in Eastern Indonesia and employ almost thousand of employees. Full and deep understanding of business management and administration will enable me to contribute more to the development of the company. I believe as this company’s base operation is in eastern Indonesia, it will become one factor that contributes to the development of Eastern Indonesia. So the better the performance of the company, the more the company contributes to economic growth of Indonesia, especially Eastern Indonesia.



It is nice to be in the beach. Let your body wet

Be there.. and feel the beat of wave.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Planning ... Prepare In advance

If you are in this program how do you think your life will be different in five years?

I believe I will assume a greater responsibility by holding manager position of one division based on the world class knowledge and skill I would have learned. I also believe that the company will also assign me as an instructor at the internal management centre.

Even I am not assigned a manager, I will implement what I have learned by introducing and practicing the established theory and practice I have studied to my coworker and my surrounding in the terms of working practice and behavior for the best performance. It is because I believe that the better the performance of the company, the better the welfare of the whole employees.

Hopefully there is a local private institute specialized in business management and administration field of study and English Course that offer a chance for being a part-time instructor. Such an activity will also be a motivator to keep studying.

The important thing is that I will continue contributing my abilities.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

OKA.... L@tamin ... Laamy... L@kumbi ... Mustamin Oka

Name... it is one property we inherit from our parents

An eternal one. We can not separate it

Problem Solving and communication

Describe one situation from your school, work or personal life when you faced a challenge or a problem. How did you resolve it?

When I was absent for being sick, my bill is unsealed by my coworker without my permission. This really bothers me. I have a bad mood and it ruined my concentration. I thought that confidential statement written in the envelope does not mean any thing. The same occurrence can happen to other aspect of personal affair. How something that I thought a private matter could be offended. Will they accept the same thing that happened to them? Moreover, I never do such a thing.

To prevent the same thing recur I approached and told him straightforward that he has gone beyond his right. Since then there has been no offensive of personal privacy. I believe that the straightforward communication can be a way for having mutual understanding. It enables other knowing and comprehending our point of view toward one matter. In addition, the agreement we set has maintained the friendship and created conducive working environment.

Monday, May 25, 2009

~ Lele minaii sabangka ~


Kobaanua mincuana giyu mamuudaa. A baaariimpu momembalina yiposaalamaanaka. Koeengati Laandi Waandi.

Boolioseaakea kasodoona karoomu. Bokeeaa bivimu mina yipogaau kalaangana yinca. Booli paraangoakea pogau pekapiina yincaa.

Laandi .. pekagaria yincamu. Fiikiriakea porikanaa yiboaasakamu. Bolii usaala boaasaka.

Laandi … maasiakea miyarangamu. Pomaa-maasiaka a membaali bentena karoo. Goraamiyu a membelai kanturuna daalamiiyu.

Laandi … yakuusii kurango te kukamatea karoku. Daangia mangaa aaana-aaana mo membalina mia malape. Saangu mo paaembaliaa… goraana mancuana, kaasiina mancuana, kasabaranaa mancuanaa.

Maasiakea miarangamu.. mangaaana-anaamu aaala kaadari minaayikadangiamiyu.. mina yipoomaa-maasiakana manga mancuananakarona

Sunday, May 24, 2009

SUPER JET .... Bau2-Raha-Kendari

On ship (superjet) trip...... Half day on the ocean before you totally land

I think this is the reason the ship is called Superjet. .......

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Hallo... Do I know You?

MAROS PLANT .... Keep On fighting...

How Are we guys?? It is true that patience is a powerful remedy for one bad treatment. It must not stop there. There must be further action ; that is keep on fighting till the end.Through this, we will be in the friction. But should it be a matter? No, The outcome will not be for them. It is us who will taste the fighting

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Blue feeling

I am awake in the lonely midnight
No body here..
This is painful

It is hard to close eyes
In the night whom no body to share
Voices in my head keep me awake

Remembering you is a remedy
You my darling in the far island

To night
I pray for us
For happiness in our true love
We will always be together

Kaadarina mancuana kampo

Auunde mpu yincaku kurango kadarina mancuana
Tula-tula to kalapena karo
Manga mancuana a penamimea kameko te kapaina dadii
Allamu a membali bokuna
Ingkita dadi mangura
Mai tamaisiaa manga mancuanata
Mai tarango tula-tula
Mai taaala kadari malape sii

TANJUNG BIRA BULUKUMBA .....Hahahahahaa.....

See me enjoying Borneos part

Always ....

Me & Mala 2

One day In friend`s Inn

Me & Mala : 1


Monday, May 4, 2009

One day in my uncle`s kampong

Skill is not an easy thing to get. We have to practice in order to be accustomed. one of the tools usually applied is simulation. pretend that you are in the real situation.



This picture complement the story I have written earlier.. It is pleasant memory be there, personally and officially.


Friday, May 1, 2009

Yinaku te aamaku maoge mpu kaasina teiyaku... gora agora kapooli to kalapena karoku,to kalapena lipu.

SOPPENG .... Profesionalism and Friend

The picture is the situation of meeting in Soppeng Branch Office. As for me they are excellent employer. There is Mr.Syam as the head, Mr. Kahar in Spare part division, Miss Tini in Accounting department,Mr.Basir in the service section, Mr. Sukri in Leasing Division. There are also others whom are not in the pic. Chimang in the marketing and Mr. Mechanic.
Head office person are Iqbal and Faisal. What is professional meaning for you?

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Diatas kapal dalam sebuah perjalanan dari pulau `` lembokana raa`

pada lembaran kertas koran
pada kasur yang mestinya gratis namun telah diperjual belikan
pada apa saja yang dijadikan alas

Diatas kepala
dibawah kaki
dikiri kanan
tertumpuk barang dalam kemasan rapi

Sesekali orang – orang lalu lalang
mencari celah jalan menuju sisi kapal
membiarkan diri diterpa angin laut

Obrolan ringan dengan canda tawa
wajah serius dalam permainan domino
menghadirkan makna ….
suasana disini tak mengurangi rasa menikmati perjalanan ini

Tua muda
ibu bapak
putra putri
satu dalam rasa ..

Sedih harus kembali jauh
sedih mesti kembali keluar menuju pulau lain

Jauh di lubuk hati
pastilah ada satu tekad

Entah untuk berapa lama lagi
semua akan kembali menjenguk
pulau yang ditinggalkan
pulau `` lembokana raa`

Nantikan aku

Angin menerpa dari semua arah
Riak ombak saling padu
Menyisahkan buih putih

Langit biru
Gumpalan awan laksana lukisan abstrak alam
Makin indah dengan warna-warni yang tak akan disamai oleh kreasi mahluk-Nya

Jauh sudah perahu berlayar
Kini tiada nampak dalam pandang satu pulau pun
Laut ini seolah tiada bertepi

Perahu terus melaju

Memisahkan aku dari pulauku
Membuat jarak antara kami
Dengan mama yang kusayangi
Dengan ayah yang kuhormati
Dengan Saudara seperjuangan
Dengan kekasih pujaan hati

Perahu terus melaju
Hingga hilang dalam pandangku
Lambaian tangan kasihku

I will be back for you

I will Always Miss You

Dalam malam sunyi
Saat binatang malam
Riuh memperdengarkan suaranya

Kudatang menggodamu
Mengajakmu warnai alam

Malam kuingin tiada berakhir
Hingga aku dapat terus menggodamu

Pagi bersabar dululah
Biarkanlah aku berlama-lama dengan kasihku

Pada malam sesunyi ini
Kita berbagi rahasia hati
Hadirkan damai dalam kebersamaan
Dalam cerita yang kan tertata rapi diingatan

Thursday, April 23, 2009


Being in the beach is relaxing. The Picture is taken by my beautiful girl. We were practicing to play the role of photographer and model. We love the scene of Nirwana Beach, white sand beach which has become the icon of Bau-Bau Municipality.

We plan to continue such an activity. To mimic as a professional model is very difficult. But at least we have done our best. Enjoyable, relaxing are the ultimate feeling. It is the recovery of emotional condition.

Thanks to my girl for the great picture.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Sering ku dengar seseorang berucap
Aku menghormatinya
Aku menghargainya
Aku menyayanginya

Benarkah saat itu semua kita ucap
Pada kawan teman kita berbagi cerita
Pada bos yang mempengaruhi penggajian kita
Pada kekasih yang membuat kita selalu terbayang

Kita jadi hanya ingin mengatakan sesuatu yang indah-indah tentangnya
Perwujudan semua ucapan ini
Menjadi larangan untuk mengatakan sesuatu selain yang manis dan indah

Ungkapan sayang
Perwujudan penghargaan dan rasa hormat
adalah teguran atas apa yang salah
adalah kemauan untuk mendengarkan yang buruk
adalah kemauan untuk tidak membiarkannya terjebak dalam salah

..... Namun begitu...
Kita kadang malu mengatakannya
buruknya lagi kita mengumpat saat mendengarkannya

Takut kawan kita marah
Dan lalu kita dianggapnya lawan

Takut bos memberi predikat pembangkang
Dan lalu kursi nyaman kita hilang
Reward yang kita dapat dipangkas

Takut tidak ada lagi rasa sayang untuk kita

Bila semua perwujudannya masih sebatas mengatakan dan mendengarkan yang indah
Rasanya Kita hanya baru sayang pada diri sendiri
Kita bukan sayang pada apa yang kita sayangi

Refleksi akhir tahun

Selamat malam buton
Selamat malam Indonesia
Selamat malam dunia

Malam ini kupilih lagu yang ingin kudengar … ku ingin sairnya membahana dikamar ini hingga tak terdengar sayup-sayup. Malam ini tentu diluar sana telah ada banyak orang dengan berbagai macam trompet, aneh-aneh dan lucu bentuknya, siap berpesta menunggu pergantian tahun. Langit yang masih gelap tidak akan menunda semua keinginan orang untuk turun merayakan pergantian malam ini.

Malam ini ..........
ingin kuhabiskan dengan hanya ditemani lilin. Ada perasaan tersendiri saat terangnya cahaya lampu tergantikan olehnya. Ia memiliki makna tersendiri. Makna yang begitu terasa kuat… lihatlah ia kuat menahan terpaan angin. Sesekali redup dan lalu kembali menyala…

Mengapa malam ini mesti terasa berbeda dibanding malam sebelumnya. Mengapa malam ini begitu diagungkan disini, disana dan diseluruh dunia. Bukankah hari ini terasa menyebalkan karena seharian hujan tak juga mau reda. Bukankah sepanjang hari kita telah banyak disibukkan oleh tetebengek official business. Tapi tetap saja malam ini punya makna unik.

Dari balik jendela kamarku, dari tempatku duduk menulis, jelas terlihat awan pekat seolah tak tahan lagi tuk menurunkan hujan. Mengapa disaat pergantian tahun begini, justru alam menjadi tak ramah?

Setahun telah berlalu.. panas.. hujan telah terasa. Begitu pun jua terik dan gelap. Ada banyak yang bisa dirangkum dari semua.

Akan seperti apakah hidup kedepannya? Peristiwa apa lagi yang akan menanti? Kawan seperti apa lagi yang kan kutemui? Orang seperti lagi yang akan berada di garis atas? Apa…. dan bagaimana?

Semua adalah misteri. Orang beradab dan beragama menyebutnya takdir, sebuah misteri Illahi.

Apapun itu dan bagaimanapun nantinya……Lilin dihadapanku kini mungkin contoh terbaik… akan ada banyak angin yang kan slu meredupkannya. Fenomena yang tak terelakan dalam hidup ini. Tapi lihatlah ia tetap tegar tuk dapat kembali bersinar. Meski pelan tapi pasti, memberi sinar yang membuatku bisa kembali menikmati cahayanya, hingga jelas nampak apa disekelilingnya. Bahkan kehangatan dalam dinginnya malam begini juga diberikannya. Dan aku sungguh menikmati keindahannya dan aku bersyukur untuk itu.

S`lamat tahun baru
Terkhusus untukmu kekasihku.