Thursday, September 18, 2008

Blog development

Part two
I have written in my first brief article about my view about blogging. I put intentionally the sentence part 1 because I believe that there will be many new experience comes on the way to construct better blog display and to create best content. And yes it is true…..
Blog construction is not as easy as I imagine and so does the creation of interesting writing topic that I want to upload.
Blog resembles diary. It is just different in the term that we let our writing read by others. Hopefully we get the constructive response and our composition is beneficial to others. And as it is a medium for exchanging idea and fostering friendship all around the world, I hope there is friendship group for idea exchange.
When we buy a diary book, we strive to get one that has good design. It affects our mood in filling it. This also occurs in blog view. We want it to have interesting design in the way that we as the owner and the visitor as the reader can be feeling at home.
The problem is that to achieve it, we need complicated code. This code can be understood thoroughly only by its expert. But thanks for the kindness of such expert for sharing sincerely free code we can apply in our blog. Their contribution is invaluable.
In my participation for just in a month, I come to the conclusion that blog is not only for idea expression medium. It forces us to know about customization. This needs technology know-how. Good blog is the combination of writing skill and internet using.
As I am not the code master, it will still takes long time to provide this blog with the feature that makes the visitor easy in surfing my blog. And as I am not also the best seller author, it needs hard effort to compose interesting article. But once more, I thank for the tutorial provided professionally and freely; writing skill and blog creation advice

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